A home back home is usually one of the aspirations that most Indians like who work abroad, work towards. The sheer joy of being finally able to not just ‘settle on something’ but to ‘opt for the best’, drives you to build on success. Yet, purchasing a home back home may turn out to be cause for disillusionment, even disappointment, unless due diligence is carried out. Underlying the choice of a superlative property that would exceed expectations are such critical factors as: Builder credentials, location of the development, portfolio of completed work, design, livability, excellence in execution, range of facilities/ amenities, on-time completion and handover, associates, clientele... That’s just for starters. Legalities like plan and layout approvals, documentation, payment terms and schemes if any, all play a key role in your decision-making process.

So what do you as an NRI do? Talk to us.

Sankar Infra Projects is one of Chennai’s leading developers, differentiated by our focus on three core values – Customer Centricity, Quality and Transparency – across the entire spectrum of residential and commercial property development.. A young and dynamic organization, we have to date completed about 1.6 million sq. ft of area to date, and about 3.8 million sq. ft is under construction. Currently projects are being developed in, Chennai..

Sankar Infra Projects has over 100 NRI clients and you can count on us always