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Innovative Ways To Save Water In Your Apartment

By 11/12/2019Posts

Apartment is the place where most people spend water according to their wishes and desires. Some spend it on necessity and some spend it luxuriously. Spending adequate amounts of water is admirable, but when consumption is beyond our need, it becomes problematic.

Many large metropolitan cities like Chennai and Bangalore are already facing water shortage problems. If we start taking steps to save water, it will help current and future generations.

In this blog, we are going to give you some amazing tips to help you save water while spending less on your water bill. Save on rainwater

About 5000 liters of water can be saved by fixing large barrels to catch rainwater during the rainy season. Your plants will also be happy that you gave them rainwater instead of purified tap water. If you want to learn more about rainwater harvesting, you can check out our blog.

Additionally, instead of using automatic sprinklers, manual methods such as hand-watering plants can reduce water use by 33%.

Wash Your Car Using Less Water

By washing cars at home, you can save 100-300 liters of water. First, you need to use soapy water paint, and then use a clean cloth to remove excess water. This way, you only take 20 liters of water to wash your car. You can also use waterproof car wash products to avoid the cost of water completely.

Fix Leakages

Approximately 10,000 liters of water is lost every year without addressing water leakages. So, if there are leaky sinks or running toilets, contact the maintenance department in your apartment immediately for assistance .

Save Water During Each Shower

If you want a satisfying shower without using too much water, installing a low-flow shower head is the best option. Installing showerheads with minimal water flow saves 189 litres of water. You can use it in your bathroom and kitchen sink of your apartment.

Double-Dip Dishes

To conserve water while cleaning the ducts, rinse with soapy water to heat one sink and another sink with cold & clear water. If you have a single model sink, you can use two bowls, one for washing and the other for rinsing.

Dual Flush

Flushing toilet accounts for about one-fifth of water usage. If you have a single-flush model in your toilet, consider turning it into a dual flush. You can use a small button and a large one to dispose of solid waste to flush liquid waste. To reduce water usage, you can also install a water displacement device in the old lavatory tanks.


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